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"Strengthening the Circle"

A Native Non-profit Leadership Program


Strengthening the Circle aims to build the capacities of Native-led nonprofit organizations that are working to improve economic development, education, and social services on or near reservations. This Native Nonprofit Leadership Program consists of a four-day workshop for executive directors and Board members with follow-up training and technical assistance.


Fellowship Program 


The goal of Hopa Mountain's Native Nonprofit Fellowship program is to support students or recent graduates that are interested in exploring careers in a nonprofit organization and improving their leadership, interpersonal and organizational skills.

Building Power and Optimizing Initiative Grant 


The fund invited emerging Native community based organizations located on the reservation communities in: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and/or South Dakota to apply for the grant.  This initiative is designed to assist Native-led community-generated strategies engaged in building culturally relevant and sustainable prosperity and to strengthen and optimize the impacts of nonprofit work for community empowerment.  Under this program, participating groups shall receive an integrated and dynamic program of small grants, focused project specific training and technical assistance, advocacy support, and peer centered learning opportunities.

The SGF was awarded to assist with our two projects: Out-Patient Clinic and Appropriate and Affordable Housing. Through these works we have the opportunity to expand the Native nonprofit sector in our region of the Indigenous World.  With increasing mutual linkages and meaningful connections to nurture and mobilize Native community empowerment.  The fund is intended to help shape and inform philanthropic support and future policy decisions through the success of the community partner-grantees for our projects.


Seventh Generation Fund offers an effective and culturally respectful methodology that focuses on the assets inherent and which can be grown or strengthened in communities.  Based on 36 years of successfully working in the nonprofit field with emerging organizations, SGF recognizes each participating community partner-grantee projects will be at different stages of development and will independently set goals for strengthening their work.  SGF believe that healthy and respectful partnerships are key to productive and far reaching positive results in Native communities.  This initiative includes SGF's working closely with partner-consultants who will coordinate training and technical assistance, program assessment and related organizational development support ton our projects.


SGF assures the success of this pilot, and also develop key partnerships and identify an appropriate and diverse network of consultants who share our vision for this work and who posses the expertise to join in successfully implementing this scope of work.  SGF anticipates leveraging existing relationships in the field as well as reaching out to new partners in that region and nationally.  SGF moves this initiative forward for the empowerment of Native peoples, places, and cultures.

    ~Tia Oros Peters

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