LaCreek District Medical Center

The Need: 

Most Tribally enrolled members rely on Indian Health Service for their medical needs.  One of the problems in our community was the distance required to travel to get community member medical needs addressed. The nearest Indian Health Care facility was a 100 mile round trip.  Many of our community members did not have the resources either in reliable transportation or gas to get to one of the facilities.  Hence many were going without the required medical treatment. 



The Vision: 

An outpatient clinic located in the LaCreek District that could provide outpatient services, OBGYN, pharmacy, Laboratory, Mental Health, and Diabetic clinic. 


The Plan:  

One of the assets that Wild Horse Butte CDC had was a building that was purchased with the hope that the building would be used as an outpatient clinic. This was based on the concept that Indian Health Service would agree to lease the building from WHBCDC creating lease income. The lease income would be used as leverage for additional programs.  


In the fall of 2011 negotiations began with Indian Health Service on a proposed outpatient clinic.    Indian Health Service inspected the building and determined that the potential of using the building could become a reality. Twelve month of negotiation went on between Wild Horse Butte CDC and the Indian Health Service.  


The final determination made in January of 2013 was that the Indian Health Service will build a new outpatient clinic to serve the members of the LaCreek District and surrounding areas.


The funding for the clinic was a P.L. 638 Indian Self-determination contract awarded to the Oglala Sioux Tribe and contracted to Wild Horse Butte CDC to construct the clinic with considerable input from the community. 




WHEREAS,  the Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation has adopted it's Articles and By-Laws approved by the Board of Directors in accordance with the corporate law, the Board of Directors is the governing body of the Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation, and


WHEREAS, the State of South Dakota Secretary of State certified that the Articles of Incorporation of Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation were duly signed and verified, pursuant to the provisions of the South Dakota Corporation Act has been received and found to conform to the law, and


WHEREAS, under Article VIII-Organization section 8.1 "the business and affairs of the Corporation shall be managed by the Board of Directors composed of five (5) Directors elected from the General Membership..., and


WHEREAS,  Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation had adopted financial management documents that fully discloses financial processes that are to be followed concerning expenditures of funds from the Wild Horse Community Development Corporation, and


WHEREAS,  the LaCreek District and Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation has been in negotiations with the U.S. India Health Service, to establish an out-patient clinic for our community members, and


WHEREAS,  Kim Clausen the Executive Director of Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation will be authorized to get information on as needed basis, to ensure all funds are accounted for, and


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation Board of Directors is respectively, authorizes the establishment an account for the LaCreek District Clinic, and Wild Horse Butte Community Development Corporation can carry the mission of LaCreek District Clinic in the development for an Indian Health Service Outpatient Clinic.



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